things are getting hot

The cops are putting some resources into the drug problem in and around my store.

If recent history can be taken as a guide, this weekend should be another wild one. It is my payday, and seems to be likewise for a number of dopers. Meth and heroin are both problems in our little mountain home; meth is the worst.

A town cop told me yesterday that several people had been arrested at the store earlier in the day, and when I clocked out and headed home this morning, the chief of the town police was riding with a K-9 officer from the county.

I pointed out to another cop, a few days ago, that they need to have a female deputy who can search the female suspects' bras.

The very worst (looking) addict of those who have been hanging around even had syringes (plural) visible in her bra while she was in the store one day last weekend. She was confronted but pleaded diabetes. I have to say that I don't know any diabetics who use a spoon and cotton to draw the insulin up into the needle. Somebody's been shooting up in the ladies' room, and she always seems to be around when the evidence appears. So far, the cops have not been able to find her with anything.

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