a quiet weekend at work, and for me on mine

The cops must be doing their jobs. The crazies were not out this weekend. It was nice.

My weekend started at 7 AM on Monday. So far it has been pretty good. A ride around the block with Rocko yesterday that included fishing with my energetic home-grown worms; rock-hopping in places, usually inaccessible, made available thanks to drought and the resulting skinny rivers; eating fresh blueberries and blackberries on the crest of the Blue Ridge, and bringing some home as well. It was a good day and we slept well last night.

Today I've been working with my plants, both potted and in-the-ground. The strawberries needed water and a little weeding. A friend gave me cuttings of several plants last weekend; jade plant, something else similar to jade, and a seedling from some large houseplant. I have been potting them in the containers left over from my strawberries, using as soil the almost-pure worm castings that pile up under the dead leaves beneath my front windows.

I'm also slowly creating a begonia farm. My biggest one is leggy and I hate to just compost the healthy ends, so they go into vases until they start to set root. Then I pot them. I'm going to have to give some away. This is probably how I ended up with a begonia myself. I even put some in my garden a while back, right there in the dirt, even though they won't survive the winter. Why not? Let them live free for a little while. Maybe I'll dig them up in the fall and bring them in, maybe not.

All right, I'm getting back off of the computer. Things to do and worms to see, don't you know.

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