alimentary, my dear Watson

A stomach bug has been doing its bugging thing within my body for several days, but I made it to my weekend. Still feel like crap but at least I don't have to go to work for a couple of nights.

At least I think it's a stomach bug. My stomach feels tight, I've had headaches, my head gets light easily, and I am physically more aware of much of my gastrointestinal tract than I usually am.

My allergies are contributing, to be sure, with lots of trees blooming along with the seasonal advent of flowers and weeds. I've been sneezing and my eyes feel gritty. The allergic reaction to pollen and dust, in particular, upsets my stomach during the best of times. With a little bug on top of it, I'm feeling quite crappy, thank you very much.

Still, it is a pretty day outside; my weekend started six hours ago and I've already had a three-hour nap; our little Tuesday jam session should be happening tomorrow night and I'm going to try to get Annette to attend, even if I have to drive into town to get her.

Between now and tomorrow evening, I have to remember to rest. The queasy sensations let up now and then and I get up to do things, only to tire quickly. Must rest. Must heal. Ommmmmmm.

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