the bug that wasn't

It turns out that my gastrointestinal bug is actually an old nemesis, come back to haunt me.

The signs are all there: swollen glands in my neck, a dull pain in the upper abdomen, a sudden appetite (I've been eating fairly well for the past week or so, even without artificial aid), and nausea after I satisfy the uncharacteristic hunger.

It is my pancreas, reminding me once again that I abused it badly for many years. Leave it to me to have an unscathed liver, yet have an obscure and oddly named organ damaged.

This isn't the first time it has flared up on me. It happened a couple of times while Lisa was alive, in addition to the first two incidents (which required hospitalization). Both incidents cleared up with a light diet and rest.

I am supposed to avoid fatty foods, but that is what I love the best. I figured out a few months ago that I can no longer eat pizza - it caused a similar flareup - and now I suppose I have to give up my beloved pork products.

I'm taking it easy, trying not to eat much while trying to stay adequately hydrated. I don't want to have to be hospitalized, especially since I canceled that health insurance last year. All they'd probably do is give me an IV to keep me hydrated.

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