early weekend

Yeah, boy, I'm having my weekend two days early because I don't want to give my cold to everybody who passes through Clyde on their way to work in the morning.

My manager asked the other night shift guy if he would mind working Monday and Tuesday if I took his Wednesday and Thursday shifts, and he agreed. I thanked her and said that I didn't want to contaminate a hundred different people's money as well as forty people's breakfast.

My sore throat progressed last night at work, as it spread down the bronchus as well as all the way out to the end of my nose and up the Eustachian tubes into my ears. My temperature is normal (for me), 96.9℉, the lowest it has been in a week.

When I got home this morning I crashed pretty quickly. Rocko woke me after a couple of hours with a desperate need to go outside. I let him out and went back to bed. Out the window I could see him, and after a while he started staring up toward the front of the house - trying to will me out the door.

I started getting bundled up to go out. When I was about halfway ready, something told me to open the front door. There was Rocko. I invited him in and finished getting ready. We didn't take our usual around-the-perimeter walk, just a slow one down to the creek.

And now I'm back in bed with cough suppressants, NSAIDs, antihistamines and plenty of fluids close at hand.

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