trading one crud for another

The bug that I was fighting last week has given way to another; either that, or this is just the continuing evolution of whatever was pestering me.

Gone is the flu-like washed-out feeling, replaced by a sore throat that is rapidly worsening, a scratchy cough and a runny nose & sinuses. My eyelids are red and puffy as if I had been rubbing them. I'm drinking cough syrup (non-alcoholic, of course) and taking plenty of fluids.

As tempting as it is to call in sick, everybody else is dealing with seasonal illnesses as well. I feel like I should muscle through tonight, just in case I'm even worse tomorrow.

But there is good news as well. I'm finally getting the bald tires on my car replaced on Tuesday, and a new keyboard is on its way for my three-year-old laptop PC. A lot of keys (q,2,y,g,b,z,7 mostly) got stuff in them when I cleaned the computer out a few weeks ago and they hardly work now. Touch typing is hard when the keys don't reliably send a character when pressed.

A new keyboard costs about the same as two cans of compressed air, and I already killed one can trying to clear this keyboard. Time to stop goofing around and replace the damned thing.

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