ooh, shiny

My Hyundai looks and feels new again! Two new tires, an oil change and new windshield wipers make a world of difference.

When I handed over my car to have the new tires mounted, I asked them to do an oil change as well. It was overdue, I could afford it (for a change) and besides, I'm too sick to change it myself. Not really, but I'm trying to rest. That was the first time I've ever paid someone to change my oil.

After they gave me back my car, I went across the street and drove through the car wash to clean off the salt before the next storm. At home I mounted the new wiper blades myself, and I gave the tires a quick shot of Armor-All. Now I'm wore out again and I'm going back to bed, but my car is clean and safe. The first step to finally getting it legal again.

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