another one bites the dust

A couple of weeks ago somebody was finally hired to be assistant manager at my main store. The previous assistant worked there for years but found a better job months ago.

Without warning, the new assistant manager quit. She just didn't come in on Friday and hasn't been back except to shop. She wasn't really working out anyway.

I was standing outside this morning, having a cigarette with the manager, talking about the situation. "I know who you really need, but he's not going to want to give up his graveyard shift," I said.

"Who's that?" she asked. "Me," I responded. She broke into a big smile. "But," I continued, "then you'd have to find somebody you can trust to work graveyard." Her smile fell and she agreed. As it stands, she's already been lobbying to get me back for five nights a week, since the other graveyard shift guy has been slacking very badly and has copped a bad attitude.

We've been through a lot of new hires lately at both stores. Many quit of their own accord after a few days or weeks; some get fired after a similar period.

But I did tell her that "I think I'd do a damn good job as your assistant. I do love my nights, though." Eventually I probably will be the assistant manager. It wouldn't mean a raise, necessarily; I already earn more per hour than one of my managers and only a little less than the other. That's because I get an extra dollar per hour for the graveyard shift.

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