woo-hoo, the weekend!

Yep, it's my weekend. Laundry day, to be specific.

Got home from work yesterday and laid down for a nap some time in the mid-to-late morning as I usually do. Woke up some time during the afternoon because Rocko wanted to go outside badly enough to wake me, but I was kind of out of it and wanted to go back to bed. That's not unusual when I first wake up; after a few minutes I usually find that I'm up to stay for a while. So, I got dressed for the season: long johns (top & bottom), heavy wool-like pants, thick socks, a sweater, a fleece vest and my giant North Face parka; then I went out with Rocko and had a smoke.

There was a pickup truck parked at the trailer next door. I wasn't sure at first if it was the landlord or some hunter; the bed of the pickup had some big metal boxes that could have been dog cages, and hunters 'round here use dogs on deer. I don't approve but try not to judge.

I was still wanting to go back to bed, so I headed in. Just as I reached the front door, I looked over and saw somebody inside the trailer. Must be the landlord. Oh well. I headed back to bed as soon as Rocko came back in, and slept until m alarm went off at 3:30 AM. I've taken to setting that alarm when I'm not working so it's easier to stay on a nocturnal schedule.

My back is mostly better, but my keyboard is acting up. The "y" and "z" kes (see?) are getting stubborn. Time to pick up some canned air.

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