antique bottles

Thanks to the whiz-bang technology of today, I am able to look up the various bottles that I find in the gully behind my house. Today I found a Ball Perfect Mason jar and that made me think of searching the Internet for that bottle, which is the latest and largest addition to my small collection of bottles that I've found on the slope.

If you or someone you know has a collection of old bottles, check out the Historic Bottle Website. I haven't identified my bottle for sure yet, but so far the hints are pointing to the period 1923-1933. I was surprised at that; most of the trash in the gully appears to be much younger than that, plus the house wasn't built until 1960.

There might have been an older house here before, or this Ball jar could have been part of someone's memorabilia that was tossed over the edge of the yard and into the undergrowth. A lot of the smaller stuff out there looks to be that type of refuse. As if somebody threw their husband's/wife's belongings over the edge after a particularly big fight.

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