supreme court season

It's been both good and bad news coming out of the Supreme Court this week.

The defeat of DOMA was both logical and just. Mike Huckabee tweeted, "Jesus wept." I'm sure he did, but not for the reason Huckabee thinks.

I think that Jesus Christ would cry over the misguided bigotism from those who so loudly proclaim their belief in all things Jesus, yet ascribe to Him things he never said;

I think Jesus Christ would cry out of joy that if His children can marry the ones that they love, they can also enjoy the social benefits that the status of "Married" (capital "M") traditionally implies;

I think Jesus Christ would cry because so many still oppose His policies while claiming to act in His name.

The Court's decision on the Voting Rights Act goes both ways for me. I agree that the formula is badly outdated, but I would have preferred to see the current policy continued until a new formula is devised. The suppression of voters is still a strong strategy in many pockets around the country. Usually it is a strategy employed by Republicans.

It is my considered opinion that this House of Representatives will do nothing of substance on the issue of voting rights. Certainly nothing constructive; I think that it is more likely that they will do even more damage before they are done.

November 2014 cannot come quickly enough for me.

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