cleaning house

Lisa's sister is up here in NC and she is supposed to come over to my house one day this week to pick up a few things. That gave me a good reason to clean house, because I had to search for some of the things she wanted. Most of them aren't here, but I managed to empty a box and organize some stuff.

All the rugs were vacuumed, the floors swept and mopped, the commode cleaned; the porch and deck swept, the bedclothes washed, the hummingbird feeder stripped, cleaned and refilled. All of the cast-iron cookware re-seasoned. Work clothes washed, dried and put away for tomorrow night.

That took seven or eight hours of actual work spread out over ten hours. I was up by four A.M. and now I'm ready to crash again. The dust kicked up by my cleaning really kicked my allergies into overdrive, leaving me feeling badly nauseated. I rinsed my nasal cavities with the neti pot and took three different antihistamines (phenylephrine HCl, diphenhydramine HCl and promethazine) because each has a slightly different effect, and I need them all right now.

Just before doing the neti pot, I gave a quick spritz of oxymetazoline HCl nasal spray to give a quick antihistamine shock. It was rinsed back out with the neti water but I was just trying to head things off by opening up the sinuses enough for a good rinse.

Uh oh, the antihistamines are starting to kick in. Nap time.

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  1. You inspire me. Not all people are a huge fan of cleaning but with your action, I suddenly want to have a major house cleaning project again. I don't know if this help, but I learned a trick on how to clean the deck with less chance of inhaling the dirt: I pressure wash it carefully to remove the dirt easily. Kylee @ ReNewCrewClean.com