more rain

Yesterday we had a surprise rain shower. Just after 12:30 PM it came out of the blue, so to speak. It had been fairly sunny all morning; some clouds. There was an occasional low dark cloud, but they were quite small and not likely to do anything serious.

I measured 1.33" after that storm had passed and the sun was back out. It had only taken about 70 minutes. Cool! It was a good soaking rain.

Just that morning I was looking at my rainfall records for the past 10 days and commenting to myself, "It hasn't rained for two days, we should be getting something today."

On the work front, my manager at the Clyde store told me, with a big grin on her face, that she was lobbying to get me back at that store five nights a week instead of only three. I told her, "I'll gladly walk away from the Canton store [the beer store] if you can get me 40 hours here. I like this store. I like working here." And she likes me too. I hope she can put in a word about a raise for my 1-year anniversary at the end of July.

It is true that I like the Clyde store better. It has nothing to do with the beer at the other store, though that did worry me at first. The two stores are very different. The Canton store is much smaller, almost cramped, and it is set back from the road at the top of the hill leading out of town. It feels isolated despite overlooking McDonalds, Domino's, a shopping plaza and the big paper mill that dominates the town.

In Clyde there is room to move around, plenty to do and it doesn't smell like a warehouse full of wet paper bags (unlike the whole of downtown Canton).

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