payday at last

It's been a long two weeks since my last paycheck. Despite shutting off the phone and TV, it still took so much of my last paycheck to try to keep up on bills that I wasn't able to afford to go grocery shopping. I've been emptying my cupboards of anything edible; for over a week, I had no bread, no milk and no sugar. Thank goodness Teresa brought me some fresh eggs last weekend!

This morning I headed into Bethel at about a quarter to 8 AM. Filled up the car with gas, got a carton a of smokes (which will last until next payday) and hit up the dollar store for some essentials. Came home and had a bowl of cereal and, a few minutes ago, a sandwich.

My hummingbirds have been hovering around telling me to fill their feeder for several days now. Since I bought sugar this morning, I finally refilled their feeder and hung it in a different place than it had been. Ants had been clogging it up it the other spot. Still, it only took the hummingbirds about 10 minutes to start drinking from it once I hung it up.

The folks at DISH (the satellite TV people) sent me a letter a few days ago saying that they'd be sending me boxes to pack up and return their equipment. I had been wondering how long it would take for them to do so; I stopped paying them back in March and they shut off the service a few days later. I hadn't heard anything from them until that letter showed up in my mailbox yesterday. I disconnected their equipment and set it aside a couple of months ago; no need for a DVR box sucking up electricity when the service was turned off.

I missed TV for about a week, but that is long past. All I need is the radio tuned to NPR or, here in the mountains, a computer streaming an NPR station.

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