money on wheels

I'm watching the Saturday traffic go by the house. Motorcycles, SUV's, cars. Some flying by, some going slow.

Tourist season has started in the Smoky Mountains.

We had a store meeting a few days ago, and they say that folks will be getting more hours once business picks up some more. I'm already getting 40 hours, but most of the people aren't.

It looks like a nice week coming up. My houseplants will be back out on the porch. Lisa's curly willow survived the winter nestled up against the house by the front porch, buried under dead leaves, and I'll probably re-pot it once before planting it in the ground. Lisa would be so happy. She loved the curly willow outside her bedroom window when she was growing up. We brought a lot of cuttings home from her mother's house last year and this is the only one that survived until winter; a few days ago it started putting out leaves.

I have no idea where I'm going to plant it, but down by the creek somewhere just might be the answer. The landlord doesn't want it to cause any trouble; down by the creek, it'll have all the water it needs and it won't be in anybody's way. Hmmm. Now I'm going to have to think about that tree more.

It's getting kind of late to start seedlings, but I'm going to have some kind of garden this year. No furrows, mostly isolated plants on the hillside. Sweet corn is probably not going to happen, but tomatoes, peppers and various herbs should do well. I've ordered catnip, marigold and sage for a nicely scented motif.

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