feeling crappy, day 2

Oy! I felt so bad yesterday that I considered giving my manager a courtesy call in the early afternoon, warning her that I might be too sick to work at 11 PM. I didn't call and I'm glad of that. When I got up at 9:30 PM, I felt pretty good. During the night my 'off' sensation came back.

After arriving at home this morning, I had a bout of the shits. Since my stomach was feeling off as well, I took an anti-diarrheal tablet and one of promethazine for my stomach. The promethazine (Phenergan) is a prescription anti-nausea medication. It is one of the only things I kept from Lisa's meds; once in a while it comes in handy - especially if my allergies get real bad and make me feel sick. It is also an antihistamine, so it takes care of the allergies and the sick stomach.

And so, less than an hour after I got home, I am already in bed. The promethazine will probably make me sleepy and I feel bad enough to be here anyway.

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