I smell a sequester in the air

Oh boy, March 1, Sequester Day in the USA!

The Republicans have been doing a last-minute blame dance, trying to pin this idiotic plan on the President. To that I say, Hah! When has the Republican-controlled House of Representatives ever done something the President proposed?

And, if this was all President Obama's idea, why did John Boehner claim to have gotten "98% of what I wanted" after the talks that set up the sequester?

The funniest part was when Senator McConnell suggested that the President be given the power to decide what would be cut and by how much. Barack Obama is far too smart to fall into that trap!

In my opinion, the Republicans are being selfish crybabies. They refused to even consider increasing taxes on households with an income of more than $5 million.

Well, I headed up to the Dollar General store for some groceries shortly after they opened this morning. 8 A.M feels like 6 P.M. to me, as it should considering my work schedule. I didn't see any signs of the world ending yet. It'll probably take a while for it to hit. Of course, we have lots of National Park lands around, and there is a Forest Service guy that I see almost every morning on his trip to work. They'll be affected by the cuts,

Tourism in general is a major part of our economy. A lot of it doesn't depend on Park Service personnel, and a lot of the campgrounds are privately owned, but it would be a shame if they had to restrict access to any of our natural wonders.

But so far, nothing obvious here. There is snow on the higher peaks, which are also capped with cloud hats, and a few specks in the air occasionally here at the house. A lovely day here, way up the river. No disturbances save the barking dogs. The floor has been mopped. They laundry is done. Both computers are up and running again. It's getting to be bedtime; I have to work tonight.

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