I'm back

After five days at the command line, like some kind of barbarian, I finally got my GUI back yesterday. O the joys of running beta versions of your favorite OS! And of course my backup computer wasn't running right either.

Thanks to a stack of various Live CDs I was able to get online and listen to my radio stations using the old computer, then download a live image for the newer 64-bit machine so I could check my mail and do the FB thing.

But I still had to restart in text mode to do the system-level stuff so I could get my PC back. It was irritating at first but it was good to get back to the basics for a few days. And it gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get the old PC up and running.

I had a long week. Seven nights in a row, and then I had to come back for a half-hour of propane training eight hours after I got off on Wednesday. It is still my weekend, now, during the early pre-dawn hours. Tonight I go back to work at the Radio Hill store. My second night there was a lot better than the first. I found things to do - that store does very little business during the wee hours - and let the manager know about my misgivings and history with alcohol. She was very understanding and said that I could leave the beer cooler for her to deal with in the morning. We'll see how that works out.

But, I'm definitely going to appreciate the extra pay.

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