A commercial just came on the TV for one of those "you don't need AA or NA, just pay us money and you'll get clean with our miracle book" outfits.

"Are drug and alcohol addiction ruining your life?" There was a glass of liquor and an ashtray with a cigarette burning in it. Then they showed a pair of hands, one holding a pill bottle and pouring out a handful of large, oblong white pills stamped with the number "800". That's prescription-strength Motrin (ibuprofen).

Sure, if you take a handful of ibuprofen, you've got a problem - but it's not addiction. It's potential organ failure. Even if you don't take it with alcohol.

Silliness. Sure, AA and NA aren't for everybody, but any addict worth his salt will see through your tomfoolery if you show a non-addictive drug like that.

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