a rough day

Sunday is recovery day, resting and sleeping; recovering from four days of the graveyard shift.

Monday is housework day. Laundry, dishes, floors. Some grocery shopping. I did all of those things today, but was feeling down and missing Lisa. I had a good cry, asking aloud why she had to leave. At least she's not in pain anymore.

The house is still quite a mess. Lisa brought home lots of boxes from Florida when she came back from her last trip down there. The "vultures" took a bunch of stuff when they came around after she died, but there are boxes of (mostly) books stacked in the middle of the living room. I need a bookcase.

So far it looks like I'll be OK financially without Lisa's disability income, but it'll be tight. Less grocery shopping means I'll save some money there, and I won't be burning up as much gasoline going on shopping trips. I really don't eat very much myself. Plus there are no medical expenses to deal with anymore.

I finally got around to calling her doctor's office today to tell them that she is gone (if they didn't already know). That's what set off my biggest crying jag. And I spent some time logged in to her email account, unsubscribing her from mailing lists. That was a sad time, too.

But I'll keep on keepin' on. No need to drink over this. Lisa wouldn't like it and I have no intention of losing everything that I have worked so hard for over the past five years.

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