laying in bed

This morning, I woke up at about 5 A.M. with King George climbing around my head and on the bedside table. He was trying to get my attention, and he tends to knock a lot of things over in the process. So I got up to attend to his needs before any damage could occur.

He only wanted a little bit of breakfast. An 18-pound cat needs regular refueling.

But Rocko needed to go outside, so I went to the front door and there I found a wooden chair lying on its back. George must have knocked it over when he was getting down from the roll-top desk during the night. That's a new one. He seriously needs to go on a diet. Then again, winter's a-coming, and George likes to spend the night outdoors. He has a nice, comfy little fort under the front porch that he inherited from our late Jack Flash. And I'm sure that there is plenty of good hunting out there. Our neighbors have problems with field mice, but we've never had a single one. Never seen a mouse turd, either. Of course there was that one chipmunk that Jack found for me, dead under the cupboard next to the stove, but that was long ago and I blocked up the only hole around a basement window that could have allowed such a beastie to enter.

So I'm laying in bed this morning with my coffee and the Weather Channel's "Wake Up With Al" show. They ran a story about the latest SpaceX Dragon capsule heading to the International Space Station.

This is a pretty inspiring moment for me. I've always been fascinated with space flight, and that bore out in many years of reading science fiction - Heinlein, del Ray, Asimov, Clarke, et al. I still feel it necessary to have Asimov's Foundation series somewhere nearby, and I read it again -start to finish - every few years.

The latest copy to find itself in my life is probably still in Florida; I hope Lisa brings it back. We (she) had an extensive personal library and I can't wait to get it all here.

Rocko is finally getting antsy about Lisa's absence. I miss her a lot too.

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