getting ready for cold weather

The hummingbird feeder came in today. It's been empty for over a week, and I didn't want to refill it. The birds should be gone by now and I don't want to encourage them to stay. Time to wash the feeder and put it away until spring.

The potted plants on the front porch and deck need to go somewhere too. The petunias (3 pots) will just go into the cellar. The desert rose, angel-wing begonia and Schefflera will come into the house.

Our Schefflera is a cutting from plants that Lisa took from North Carolina to Florida many years ago; she took cuttings with her whenever she moved. Now it is back home. We had two of them, but the puppy next door destroyed one. Now we keep it on a table on the porch. But it will, as I said, have to come in for the winter.

I finally took a broom to the porch and deck today. Dead leaves have been accumulating for a while, especially on the deck, and they've been wet thanks to the rain. I was expecting rain all day today but it has been dry enough to get out in the yard. I only went halfway down to the bottom of our east gully when I was out with Rocko, though, because it is extremely steep and a serious climb even when it is dry. Today it's muddy and I thought better of going down. I just sat on a rock and absorbed the woods, wondering why we don't have any squirrels to speak of. A few reds, but even they are rare. Never a grey.

Oh well. Today has turned into chore day. I rested yesterday but there are things to be done.

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