Our cottage in Cruso.
On Saturday afternoon, as I slept on the couch under the living room window, somebody stole one of our rocking chairs from the front porch. Not six feet away from me. They must have been very quiet about it, since Rocko didn't react. The chair was simply gone the next time we went out the door.

Lisa purchased them at a small antique store down the road, near Burnette Cove, for $50. The woven seats need to be replaced but the chairs are still usable.

We brought the remaining chair inside after that. It doesn't fit into our decor and sheds paint chips when you sit on it. It is best suited for the porch until we refurbish it.

The guy from the antique shop says that he thinks that there is another matching chair available. He's going to find out.

But that is our first brush with crime here at the top of the valley.

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