foreign policy

The death of the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi and the other protests around the Muslim world this week have given me reason to wonder who Mitt Romney might have as his Secretary of State, and what kind of doctrine they would follow (other than kneeling at the feet of Bibi Netanyahu).

Romney has repeatedly and consistently proven himself to be callous and apparently completely lacking in empathy in both domestic and foreign affairs. He would need to have a truly spectacular Secretary of State to provide an effective buffer between himself and other governments.

Barack Obama has - in my opinion - been blessed with the greatest Secretary of State to serve during my lifetime, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is inconceivable that there is anybody out there of her caliber, especially among the crop that would most likely be considered acceptable by today's GOP.

Clinton has said from the beginning that she would not be interested in continuing as Secretary of State should President Obama be re-elected. I don't know who he will select to take over for her, but whoever he selects will surely be head and shoulders over Romney's candidate.

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  1. In the unlikely and horribly tragic event that Romney gets elected, his most logical choice for secretary of state would be Sarah Palin. They share a complete lack of understanding when it comes to international relations and a complete lack to tact or diplomacy.