Our rocking chair was returned today. I had gone off to the store, and when I got back, the front door was open and a rocking chair was sitting just inside. "Ah," I said to myself, "Lisa must be getting ready to come out to the porch."

But when I went inside, there were two rocking chairs.

As it turns out, just before I got back home, Lisa heard a loud knock on the front door. By the time she had donned a shirt and opened the door, the guy who brought the chair back had gotten into a pickup truck and started to drive away. She yelled after the truck but it didn't stop.

We figure that either they had borrowed the chair or, more likely, a family member had confronted them about where they had acquired it and made them bring it back.

We're just happy that it is back. But we're going to tie them to the porch with cables sometime soon.

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