one year

This week marks a year since our first visit to North Carolina.

We had originally come up to help Lisa's mother around the house, as she had broken her arm a couple of months previous. I fell in love with the mountains immediately.

The weather is changing here. Autumn has officially arrived, though it was making itself apparent some weeks past. Last night's low temperature was a little under 40℉ for the first time this season, at least according to the thermometer on our porch, but there was a light frost on the deck and car. We'll have to bring in the potted plants soon.

Tomorrow I take Lisa to Asheville for surgery. She's having the screw removed from her right hip. It is outpatient surgery; she comes home the same day. Of course she is worried about it, and takes some of that worry out on me. Since I've been working, I have a lot less time to spend around the house and with her. I sleep most of the day and she has to fend for herself quite a bit more than she has been doing.

I slept all day and night yesterday, getting up at 5 A.M. today. That has been pretty standard lately. Sunday is a lost day for me; I work four days a week but only really have two days off, since one day is, as I said, lost to sleep.

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