staying up late

In preparation for tomorrow night's overnight at work, I'm staying up real late tonight. Although it's already tomorrow already. Yeah, I'm getting a little punchy.

It should be interesting to see how my usual insomnia reacts when presented with the opportunity to stay up all night, four nights a week.

Our friends down the road have engaged me to help debug their home computer network. They have seven PC's, three printers and a high-power wifi access point. It seems that they lose one a printer when he reboots his main business computer. He wants all of the hardware to have static IP addresses.

This evening I got a look at his setup and he gave me the CD with the manual for their router. After I got home I scanned the manual and then decided to take some time out to sit in the bed with Lisa and watch TV until she fell asleep.

While watching Dr. Mehmet Oz's new series on the ABC network, a number of questions and ideas about our friends' computer network came to me. After Lisa was down for the count I came out to the living room and picked up my clipboard and pad of paper, making notes and writing out questions.

This should be fun. But I don't know how much I will accomplish tonight.

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