oh boy!

It's all about connections.

A fellow that Lisa has known since 4th grade has made good. He owns a number of convenience stores in our county. I submitted a job application last February at the one closest to us, and stopped in again recently to let them know that I'm still here and still interested.

The manager told me that the job applications are passed on to their main office, which is located at the far end of the building with its own entrance. I went down to the office during their operating hours and gave my name; the woman there told me that she'd pull my application and make sure that it got another review.

Lisa then found the owner on Facebook and sent him a message. Today he called us on the telephone. They chatted for a few minutes and then Lisa passed the phone to me.

He wants me to come in to the main office tomorrow and finish up the paperwork, and then start training on the night shift on Wednesday.

My connection to Lisa is what got me noticed. Thanks, honey!

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