The weekend was lovely here at Château Cruso, though we were both a bit worn out by the previous days' exertions. Lisa is in a lot of pain from the waist down and I have a sore throat. My left tonsil was swollen yesterday and it became painful to speak. It's still raw today and I feel a bit ill. This shall pass.

Back in the early 1990's, Judi and I had a cat named Caliber who would wake me when I overslept by biting softly on the end of my nose. George seems to have his own method.

King George woke me up early this morning because he was hungry. I felt a pain on my lower leg; he had his paw on my leg and was extending his claws ever so slightly, just enough to arouse me from my slumber.

Rocko and George are getting along better now. I awoke during the night - about 4 A.M. - and came out to the living room to download some software updates. Rocko and George laid down on the living room floor, only a few feet apart. That's good. Rocko needed a little buddy. He got along well with Jack and it seems that he and George will do the same.

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