a bedroom full of bed

The bedroom set is finding its place. Our bedroom is so small that, even with room to walk on my side of the bed, I have to climb over the end of the bed to get out. And oh, the memories - I already have a knot on my shin from banging it into the foot-board, just like in the good ol' days. The headboard gives Lisa something to lean on when she contemplates the hillside below the bedroom window. When the leaves are gone from the trees, we can see three tiny creeks about 40 feet below us. They join together a little bit further along, on our property line. We can hear them gurgling along their way all year long.

Neither of the dressers will fit in our bedroom. Mom's dresser is in Rocko's room, and Dad's is still in the living room. We have some old end tables and other stuff to get rid of before we can fit everything where we want it. Our old bed will be going to Lisa's eldest daughter, but she has to find a way to get it home. Hope it doesn't rain; that old bed is out on the deck.

One of these days we'll get some big plastic tubs so we can store things in the cellar. It has a dirt floor, so nothing sensitive to moisture can be stored down there unless it is in a sealed container. Right now we have piles of files and blankets on the floor where we want to put Dad's dresser.


  1. I hope that bedroom set has found a permanent home again. That fine furniture is about all that is left from the life I once shared with your beautiful mother so it means much to me to know it's being used by our family. Use it with the love it once knew.

    1. Don't worry, Dad. It is home now and we are honored to be the stewards of this fine furniture.