Rocko's snakebite, day 4

With his wounds no longer weeping, we think it's safe for him to lie on our new area rug.

The swelling in Rocko's neck is going down and the seeping wounds on his lip are crusted over. His energy is returning, but he seems a little bit sad today because "his" room is full of furniture. Karl and Shannon brought my folks' old bedroom set this morning and we haven't had a chance to get things arranged yet.

In addition to the beautiful furniture, they brought us an area rug for our living room (that should help keep the room a little warmer come winter) and a nice 1994 Trek mountain bike for me. No suspension, just the way I like it. The bike needs a bit of a tune-up but that's no problem at all. Keeping bicycles healthy is one of my favorite hobbies.

I already  took a short spin on the bike, up the road about a half-mile and then down in the field below our house. It felt great.

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