warmest day yet

The high temperature on our front porch today was 89℉ at about 2 P.M. The time now is 3:18 P.M. and the temperature has fallen to 84℉. We had most of the window sashes fully open overnight and I closed them all before noon, once it had reached 70℉ outdoors, lowering the blinds as well. We have a couple of ceiling fans turned on to move the air but it's still only 77 in here.

Accu-Weather tells me that it is 95℉ in Canton, but we're way up the river from there.

A few minutes ago, Lisa walked down the yard to "Reflection Rock" with Rocko. He's always pleased when she goes outside with him, even when she hurts too much to play - and he can tell the difference. He usually won't try to get her to play when she doesn't feel up to it.

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