the buzzflash blog sez:

If You Are Middle Age and Oppose Single Payer Insurance, Take Your Parents Off Medicare and Pay for Their Medical Bills Yourself

This makes perfect sense, don't you think?

Conservatives and tea partiers tend to say, to those who support higher taxes for the wealthy, "why don't you just write a check to the government?"

That kind of pro-active advice can go the other way too. If you think that single-payer systems are so bad, get insurance on your own dime for your elderly or disabled family members. There is no doubt that you could get some good insurance if you're willing to pay for it. And then you wouldn't even have to be involved in any socialist medical system.

Maybe you could even, for a fee, find some good-old-fashioned policy that won't cover pre-existing conditions.

You know, because Freedom.

"Why would anybody in their right might want anything to do with an insurance company that would accept sick people? That just costs everybody more money!"

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