The highest temperature noticed at our house before today was 84℉. That was only once. A couple of times we've made it to 82℉. Usually it doesn't get out of the 70's, and the temperature drops by at least 10 degrees between 4 and 5 P.M., when the sun drops behind the trees on the western mountain. Shortly after that the sun goes behind the mountain itself.

At night it has been dropping into the 50's. Yesterday it fell to 48℉ just before the sun crested the mountains in the East.

But today they were predicting real heat, and we briefly hit 87℉ at 3 P.M. before it dropped back to 86℉. Right now it is 78℉ and falling. Wonderful.

The sporadic Boötid meteor shower is supposed to be passing through this week. I was only out for a little while last night; the fireflies are on the wane, but there are enough of them to disturb my attention when trying to see meteors.

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