sleep issues return

It seems like it has been a long time since I've had problems with insomnia, at least a couple of weeks. But it started again three nights ago.

We stayed up past midnight one night. Usually that is enough to give me a "second wind" and prevent me from sleeping until very late, usually 3 or 4 AM. And it did. At that point I can lie down but my mind keeps running. Music takes over my thoughts, and I can picture my fingers on the fretboard playing the tunes. It is always improvised music. If I could record the music in my mind, I might be a decent writer of instrumental stuff.

Last night I got upset with my inability to fall asleep and resorted to 1mg of Xanax. I would have asked Lisa but she was asleep. Good for her! She has sleep problems too, mostly because of the constant pain, and if I woke her up she might end up unable to nod back out.

I don't like Xanax. Not at all. But, it puts me to sleep, even with a small dose. I don't know why we hadn't thought of this earlier - Lisa brought it up a couple of days ago - but there are over-the-counter sleep aids available; we'll pick some up at the Dollar General store later today.

Unfortunately the Xanax gave me a bit of a hangover. Just fogginess; not like an alcohol hangover. Now it is 3 PM and I'm just getting back to normal.

The key to sleeping without artificial aids seems to be to let myself crash out early, even if it is only 7 or 8 PM. Late afternoon naps can help, too. They leave me a bit groggy and it is easier to fall asleep in bed later so long as I remember to sack out early.

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