Recently, Firefox - which I have used faithfully since before it was called Firefox - has been giving me trouble with logging in to Blogger, GMail and YouTube. Basically, all Google products. So I tried a host of other browsers.

Konqueror, which comes standard with the KDE window manager that I use;
Chromium, which is itself a Google product (it is the open-source version of Chrome); and
Opera, which has been around for a long time now. I've tried it before and was not at all impressed.

Chromium was working well enough, but suddenly (perhaps because of the security extensions that I have added) it won't let me post to this blog. It allows me to log in, but if I click on "New Post" it tells me that I have logged out from another location. Weird.

There are other issues with Chromium that I won't get into here, but they are annoying.

Opera lets me log in to all my important sites, but it seems like a waste to have an entire browser installed just to hit a couple of sites. I don't like Opera at all, so I do most of my browsing in Firefox or Chromium.

And now I can get in to Blogger with Firefox again. That might have something to do with the large software updates that I ran last night. Who knows. Just glad to have Firefox back.

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