the struggle resumes

Our trip to Florida, while necessary, totally gutted our finances. And, since we were out of town at the beginning of the month, I haven't managed to get my food stamps for NC yet. That means that what little money we had remaining (including all of the change in the console of the car) has been spent on food.

I'll be turning in my food stamp application today, and I continue to look for work, but the car is running low on gas and we're on our last roll of toilet paper.

I have confidence that we'll survive and get back on our feet. This is a short-term setback.

Lisa isn't so optimistic; she has been quite depressed about our financial situation since we got back home.

Her medical insurance status is confusing right now, too. She is changing insurance companies, since the one she had in Florida doesn't cover North Carolina. Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to pick up one of her more important prescriptions, and they tried to charge me $10; that same prescription has been covered 100% (no co-pay) in the past. Like in January and February of this year. I had to leave without the meds, since I put our last $4 in the gas tank and spent the last $5 of change at the grocery store.

Not bitching, not begging. Just saying.

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