balmy weather

It took me a while to wake up completely today. I got a full night's sleep for a change, with the help of an alprazolam tablet that Lisa offered. She wanted me to be able to get to sleep, and falling asleep seems to be my main problem. Once I am asleep, I can get some rest; but my mind usually won't let me drop off. Thoughts about this & that - plans for the next day, what happened the day before, politics and world affairs - and always - ALWAYS - improvised melodies accompanied by the sensation of the physical motions required to extract those melodies from a musical instrument. Usually the bass, sometimes the guitar, or even a keyboard.

Once I did wake up, my body wanted to go back to bed. My mind wasn't any keener.

But the weather outside is splendid, and I took a walk around the property with Rocko. That got my blood flowing.

Everything is starting to get greener; flowers (other than the omnipresent daffodils) are blooming, insects are coming out. We have forsythia bushes on the bank behind the house and a cherry willow in full bloom next to the driveway. Bees are showing up and I ran across my first back country spider of the season yesterday. Robins came through last week, heading north.

Ah, well. Gotta go now, on a shopping trip for the mother-in-law.

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