oddjob, Mr. Bond

The power was out at the Social Services office, which explains why half the traffic lights were out nearby. I'll be going back there tomorrow.

I also stopped in at the North Carolina Job Connection aka the employment office. They gave me the info I needed to get started with their online system; I could have started the process on one of the PCs in their office, but I need to enter previous employer info, et al. and that is easier from home. All of the dates, places, and company names are on my home PC.

And tomorrow I'll be doing yard work for my mother-in-law to get a few bucks for gas and cat food.

Fortunately I found that Lisa still has $16 worth of food stamps from Florida. My family commented on my scrawny frame when we were visiting; I don't feel underweight and my BMI (19.5) is within a healthy range. Nevertheless, I probably shouldn't be skipping meals unnecessarily. We have plenty of staples (oatmeal, flour, cornmeal, grits, Cream of Wheat, spaghetti sauce and pasta) which I can eat. Lisa has a hiatal hernia that has been acting up, so she needs soft foods (and a visit to a doctor to have a camera shoved down her throat).

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