Well, I earned a few bucks doing yard work at Lisa's mom's house yesterday. Some went in the tank, a little bit went for the cheapest cat food I could find and the rest went to co-pays for medicine that was fully covered in February but isn't anymore. I was able to buy a couple of days' worth of food with Lisa's remaining food stamps. I should have invested in some toilet paper, but forgot. I'll avoid high-fiber foods for a little while.

Today I applied for my own food stamps. We don't qualify for "emergency" food stamps, but they gave me a food voucher that can be redeemed at the Salvation Army or Haywood Christian Ministry. I don't know where those places are, but it is a moot point because I've already burned up most of the gas that I put in yesterday - I drove 90 miles going to the pharmacy and the food stamp office. We are switching to a closer pharmacy and the rest of my business with Social Services can be done by fax.

Anyway, we have enough to eat for a little while. Lisa's mom might be bringing us some fresh brown eggs tomorrow.

After returning from my errands today, I started getting ready to do the dishes. Lisa asked me not to do so, because she is stressing out over her inability to find a local physician and cannot stand the sound of clanking dishes in her current anxious state. I didn't want to do them right now anyway, but was going to go ahead anyway to try to take my mind off of my own stress.

We'll be fine next month, I am sure. The electric and phone bills will be lower because we will have finished paying off the security deposits. But right now we are looking at two more weeks of struggling for every morsel of food and drop of gasoline. Sigh.

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