understand the Constitution before making claims about "constitutionality"

An article from last March that is worth reading again: Do Conservatives Understand The Constitution They Say They Love?

[Disclaimer: my income is far too low and sporadic for me to be fined for failure to buy health insurance. I also live in Florida, where I am ineligible for Medicaid. I have no insurance of any kind, other than an automobile policy]

We are required to purchase car insurance. We are required to purchase homeowner's insurance. Many professional people - doctors, building contractors, et al - are required to have insurance and be licensed. Why should health care be any different?

If the government is not going to pay for health insurance (they don't pay your car insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance, etc., do they?) then perhaps they should require employers and individuals to carry policies. (See the Preamble to the Constitution, specifically "promote the general Welfare").

On the other hand, I disagree with seat belt laws. I always wear a seat belt, but do not believe that it should be legally mandated.

The constant struggle to balance freedom against reasonable requirements has been with us since before our great Nation was independent. This struggle will - and must - continue if we are to remain a great nation.

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