My computer has been acting strangely of late. I don't know if it is simply a keyboard problem or not. We do not have a spare external keyboard to run tests with. A replacement keyboard for my machine can be had for $25 or less but I'd prefer not to spend the money if the problem does not lie there.

The cursor keeps jumping up to the address bar. When I disconnect the mouse, it happens less often but the problem does not go away completely. I am trying both hardware and software debugging. I love debugging, but eventually it becomes frustrating when no solution can be found.

Moving on. When we decided to get the two dogs Lisa wanted one of them to be "hers", since Sage had essentially attached herself to me. I joked that both of them would end up being "mine". That has not happened. Marly, the female, has firmly attached herself to Lisa; Rocky, the male, has done the same with me.

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  1. You may have a virus. That's all I can figure. Either that, or it may actually turn out to be nothing at all. I've got what I've affectionately dubbed "The Wandering Cursor". If I leave the mouse alone for more than five seconds or so, the cursor starts wandering away. lol