why does Ann Coulter hate America?

I typically avoid mentioning this pitiful excuse for an "all-American patriot" because it would tend to encourage her extremist rants, but this issue is too significant to ignore.

Ann Coulter is being investigated for voter fraud. She allegedly voted in Connecticut despite being registered to vote only in New York State.

Voting outside your registered precinct is, to the best of my knowledge, a Federal offense. (Please correct me if I am mistaken on this.)

This is probably not the form of publicity sought by someone who regularly castigates liberals and Democrats for (in her severely biased opinion) stretching or misrepresenting facts - or breaking laws outright - while conveniently ignoring the masses of conservative Republicans who engage in the same behavior.

If she was not able to report to her assigned polling place in NY - whether for personal or business-related reasons - she could have filled out and sent in an absentee ballot. Many Americans do just that as a matter of convenience.

I have been using absentee ballots ever since 2004 because I can never be certain that I will be able to reach the polls on Election Day. For example, in 2004 I voted early at the Tallahassee Court House in order to ensure that my vote was cast and counted. It is fortunate that I did so, as I found myself hospitalized on Election Day with no way to attend the polls.

Ever since then I have used the absentee ballot, just in case I find myself in one of the following situations on Election Day:
a) out-of-town
b) seriously ill, or
c) hospitalized.

Any of the above situations could easily develop nearly overnight to affect ones life without warning.

One must certainly wonder what sort of lame excuse Coulter will concoct, but one thing seems guaranteed: she will vilify the media for "inventing" or at least "exploiting" the incident "for their own gain". And whatever cockamamie pseudo-logic she uses in the development of her rebuttal, it will certainly cement her status as a wingnut and a martyr for the conservative cause.

Her "Liberals Hate America" theme - the dead horse Coulter insists upon beating - is a tired analogy and, to be honest, an outright lie. Liberals love our nation just as much as Conservatives do. The two groups simply have differences of opinion regarding the solutions to society's problems.

Oh, and by the way, most Liberals do not want to take away your firearms - nor do they wish to tax you into the poorhouse. The vast majority are neither atheists nor Socialists. To call liberals "socialist" is on a par with referring to conservatives as "fascists". Neither epithet accurately describes their respective political philosophies.

The individuals (typically conservatives and Libertarians) who would revoke all taxes would also raise Cain if the police and fire departments, military and park services were shut down, if highway construction and renovation ceased, et al.

And let us face the facts; you can describe Democrats as "tax and spend" politicians all you want, but you must accept that Republicans spend as much or more while reducing taxes and thus incur massive national debts due to spending far beyond their ability to pay them back.

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