my father's personal opinion

The email my father sent after the inauguration:

"Today I was privileged to witness one of the greatest days in our history. The inauguration of Barack Obama brings an end to probably the worst, most destructive and divisive administrations in our history. With the possible exceptions of Abraham Lincoln and F.D.R., no new president in history has inherited a greater challenge than Obama. George W. Bush has made enemies of some of our best friends, attacked another sovereign nation that was doing nothing to hurt us, made that country a breeding ground for our one worst enemy, and showed us for at least the third time that the flawed concept of trickle down economics just does not work. Bush has rewarded industries for sending jobs abroad, put science back at least 20 years and contributed to the destruction of natural habitat by removing restraints on industries that contribute to the pollution of our environment. No president since Herbert Hoover has left office with the economy in such a mess, and he won't even admit he was at least a major contributor to the problem.
No one knows if Obama will be able to lead us out of this quagmire, but at least most of us know he has the tools to work with to get it done.
If seeing Barack Obama sworn in was not one of the greatest moments in history, seeing George Bush leave was.

May Obama and Biden deliver us from the evils of Bush and Cheney."

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  1. Well stated. You inherited that articulate gene.