There have been several vultures hanging around our back yard for the past few days. They've been picking at the rapidly disappearing carcass of an opossum. No idea how it got there, but the big birds are enjoying it.

Today Jack the cat went out there. The birds were nearing Sage's grave. She is buried rather deep, but Jack walked out to her graveside and sat down. The vultures moved away and eventually flew off.

We congratulated Jack profusely when he came back in. Those birds were each much larger than he is but he stared them down.

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  1. Our backyard is survival of the fittest. I have several wonderful pics that I will put on my blog when I figure out how. Sage is well protected I have made sure of that. Two Crows landed in a tree nearby the day after we buried her. I had to go chase them away, not knowing if omen or favor they bring at this time. Jack is Jack and that's a fact. He'll be on the attact if need be, but has been staying out of the testonerone binge outside now with all the wild cats in heat.