good day, bad day

Hoorah! We are finally free from George Walker Bush; Barack Obama has been sworn in as our 44th President, fairly and decisively elected by the people of these United States.

I watched the inauguration and, despite the usual mutilation of our national anthem by a solitary singer and the reading of a drab and uninspiring poem, was overjoyed by the event. Although I knew that someday we would have a black and/or female President, I did not expect the day to come so soon.

Later, a Verizon technician arrived to hook up the rest of our phone jacks to our current service. Until today, we have had a jack in nearly every room - but the only that worked was the one in our bedroom. The wiring was all there but only the one room was connected to the phone box outside. Now we have a phone in both the bedroom and the living room. This is very convenient since we have been spending a lot more time in the living room lately.

The "bad day" portion comes from our mutual feelings of illness. I have been nauseated since about 10 AM, and Lisa's moods have been up and down all day. Once the phone tech left, Lisa crashed out in bed for a while and felt lousy as well. My stomach has since settled but my head still feels a bit funky.

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  1. Agree with you about the singer and the reading of that lame poem at the inauguration ... wish I could edit them both out of the experience. Obama's speech was awe inspiring. He has restored hope for the future. A global leader for these troubled times, yes you (and we) can and shall Mr. President!