sage visits the doctor

Sage, our Shetland Sheep Dog (more popularly known as a "Sheltie"), has been experiencing severe pain in her left front leg or shoulder for the past week or so. At first she would only cry out when we stepped too close to her or startled her. Then it started happening when she got up or laid back down. During the last three or four days, she has remained standing for long periods despite an obvious desire to lie down.

The most recent symptom has been agonized and extended cries while lying motionless on the carpet. We have become increasingly worried about her condition and Lisa was expecting that Sage's time with us was getting short.

I have been giving Sage baby aspirin with her morning and evening meals since Friday, and it helped somewhat; today (Monday) Lisa could no longer endure her beloved dog's deteriorating condition and took her to the veterinarian. He poked, prodded and manipulated her. Of course it was just like when you take your car to a mechanic: whatever problems you have been concerned about are nowhere in evidence. She showed no signs of discomfort whatsoever during the entire exam, even while being lifted onto and off of the examination table.

Nevertheless, he took X-rays and found what appeared to be arthritis in her backbone and a few small lesions in her lungs (she has been wheezing too often for our comfort lately). He prescribed a muscle relaxer and a stronger pain reliever. We gave her the muscle relaxer with her dinner tonight (the vet recommended against giving her the pain reliever until tomorrow morning, due to the aspirin regimen she has been on), and Lisa now says "Sage is down for the count for the night". I was unable to get a response from her so I checked her heartbeat and breathing. Both were normal. She seems to be merely sleeping deeply and comfortably.

Here is a picture of Sage from about a month ago, feeling fine and keeping an eye out for potential invaders:

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