Sage's condition has improved greatly today, no doubt thanks to the medications prescribed by the veterinarian.

When she first awoke this morning she was obviously in great discomfort. I mixed her medication in with her breakfast, but she barely touched it. The most likely reason is that her neck and back hurt too much to bend down to her dish. After an hour or so, I broke up one of each pill (since she had not eaten enough breakfast to ingest the meds) and wrapped them in bits of American cheese. She was happy to eat those "treats", and within a couple of hours clearly felt much better and eventually finished her breakfast (thus getting a double dose of the muscle relaxer and pain reliever). After eating she went out to "do her business" and was trotting merrily about the yard as if nothing was wrong.

Only a couple of whimpers have since been heard. I gave her a late supper and included half-doses of her pills so as to avoid over-dosing her. She should sleep well tonight.

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