happy birthday, dear Lisa

My beloved Lisa is celebrating her birthday today. I won't be so crass as to disclose her age, but she vowed at age 17 that she would not get any older.

She wasn't feeling quite herself yesterday. She had fallen and struck her head overnight. Fortunately the only damage that was evident was a small bump on her head, but she called her doctor early in the morning anyway since she wasn't feeling well. He had not arrived in his office yet so she left a message. His office never returned the call.

We considered taking her to the emergency room, but as the day went on her condition didn't seem to justify that course of action.

Her sister Jeannie and brother-in-law Herbert arrived in our area Wednesday. They have spent the last two nights at his sister's house in a nearby town, but plan to stay with us for the next couple of months. Yesterday afternoon they stopped in and gave Lisa a few small gifts and also brought some German licorice (they live in Germany). I had not met them before - although I have spoken to Jeannie on the phone a number of times - but they certainly seem to be nice folks. Herbert supposedly speaks very little English but held up his end of the conversation quite well.

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