happy Festivus!

Jacob just arrived for a short Christmas visit. I wished him a "happy Festivus", which brought forth a smile and chuckle.

Lisa, I was surprised to learn, had no idea what Festivus was; Seinfeld was not a show she followed. I recently brought up the subject when we were discussing our mutual feelings regarding the Christmas holiday.

Something that really surprised me (when I looked up Festivus on Wikipedia) is its true origin. (Read and learn.)

Some time today we shall call my folks on the telephone, not only because of the holiday but to verify our weekend plans. Since Lisa's sister Jeannie her husband Herbert aren't sleeping here yet (they have a bed set up in their van), I don't see any reason for Anna and Taylor to come all the way out here from Zephyrhills and drive back the same day. It would be a great pleasure and honor to have them stay overnight.

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